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Ways to Make This The Best High School Year Ever

Posted by Currey Ingram Academy on Jun 23, 2020 1:08:40 PM

COVID-19 has affected our lives in so many different ways, including how students learn. What the coming school year will look like for families and students remains uncertain, and in-person classes may not yet be possible in certain locations. However, to the student, there are things you can do to make this your best high school year yet.

Improve your study habits.

Some of your current study habits might not work in college, where course requirements will be more demanding. Find a study area at home where there are little or no distractions, and establish rules. If you’re studying in your room, let family members know when your door is closed, it means that you don’t want to be disturbed.

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The Power of Positive Reinforcement

Posted by Currey Ingram Academy on May 25, 2020 10:35:00 AM

Parenting could be physically, emotionally, and intellectually exhausting. It gets even more difficult when our children defy or challenge our authority. While many parents assume that punishment is the only way to change their behavior, research has shown that focused attention and positive reinforcement must be established between you and your child before punishment can be effective.

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Tips for Emotional Survival With Children during Social Distancing

Posted by Miranda Pool, M.Ed, NCC on Apr 20, 2020 7:00:00 AM

As we adjust to a difficult new normal, how to help ourselves and others can be unclear. Making your own physical, mental, and social-emotional health your priority will help you support family, friends, and neighbors as they do the same.

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8 Effective Distance Learning Strategies During COVID-19

Posted by Currey Ingram Academy on Apr 20, 2020 6:36:14 AM

As the impact of COVID-19 is being felt worldwide, learning institutions have had to adapt in these unprecedented times. Currey Ingram Academy students and thousands of school children across the country have transitioned to distance learning this week. This can be a challenging time for everyone as diving into distance learning is a new experience for many. But do take heart, as there are strategies that can help you sail through these waters with ease.

Help children understand that it’s school as usual. Consider the Currey Ingram Academy private school in Brentwood is up and running. It’s important to identify the similarities in distance learning and in-person classes at Currey Ingram Academy. Faculty and staff will ensure distance learning is as close to the normal school as possible. Expectations regarding student behavior and academic progress will remain the same. Remind your children that they are still learning, albeit in a different environment.

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Connecting and Serving are Vital during Covid-19

Posted by Jody Camp, Upper School Counselor on Apr 13, 2020 2:28:22 PM

At any time in life, it is important to find ways to connect with others and to give back. Connection and giving are things we aim to teach in Currey Ingram Upper School, alongside math, English, science, history, the arts, etc. Now, more than ever, we feel these two things are of the utmost importance. Humans need to feel connected to other humans, especially in times of crisis. Humans need to feel like they have purpose, like they are contributing to the world in some way. Connection and giving can raise self-esteem and contentment while lowering anxiety and depression, among other things. Below you will find some ideas for how to serve others, even during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as ways to stay in touch with others. If you have more ideas, send me an email, because I would love to hear about them.  

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