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DID YOU KNOW? Private Schools and Education for Students with Learning Differences

Posted by Currey Ingram Academy on Sep 16, 2021 6:27:37 AM

bigstock-Female-Teenage-Student-Studyin-13922078-1If you are seeing signs that your child might have learning differences, enrolling them in a private school could be one of the best decisions you can make as this could give your child the specialized attention they need. A private school in Brentwood, TN -- like Currey Ingram Academy -- excels at mentoring and supporting students with learning differences. Here are some essential things you should know before committing to a private school for your child.

Your child can be evaluated for learning differences. The Diagnostic Center at Currey Ingram Academy provides psychoeducational, speech/language, and occupational therapy evaluations for students across the country. Students are evaluated as young as age three, and the vast majority of students evaluated at the Diagnostic Center can go on to enrolling at the Brentwood private school.

Students with learning differences enrolled at Currey Ingram Academy are entitled to a service plan, called an ILP (Independent Learning Plan). This plan maps out services that are available to the student, such as speech therapy sessions.

Private schools focused on students with learning differences have set the bar high when it comes to their faculty. At Currey Ingram Academy, approximately 70% of administrators and teachers have master’s degrees or higher. Moreover, teachers complete more than four times the state-required professional development hours each year.

Recruited from across the country, the faculty at this Brentwood private school are devoted to providing an education that empowers students with learning differences to achieve their fullest potential.

Private schools usually provide accommodations. Accommodations change the way a student learns material. This allows students with learning differences to complete the same assignments as those without learning differences. It could be extra time needed on tests or the use of assistive technology.

Should you feel that a private school is better equipped to meet your child’s learning needs, you can set up a call or email the school’s admissions office to discuss admission requirements. Currey Ingram Academy recommends that every family tour the campus for a better appreciation of the Brentwood private school’s curriculum and to see its facilities in-person. On-campus tours are scheduled Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Contact the Admissions Office to schedule a private tour.

The Admissions Office will review your child's evaluation; documents such as an IEP, 504 Plan, speech-language evaluation, and/or occupational therapy evaluation may be requested. The Admissions Office will then provide you with login credentials to begin the online application process.

Currey Ingram Academy is a private school in Brentwood that supports and empowers students with learning differences to achieve their fullest potential - academically and socially - within an environment that fosters holistic student development. Get in touch by calling (615) 507-3173.

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