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Learning Differences Manifest At The Preschool Level

Posted by Currey Ingram Academy on Apr 13, 2022 12:59:00 PM

currey-ingram-dyslexia-adhd-boarding-schoolIf you found this article after searching “ADHD schools near me,” then you are likely concerned that your child has a learning difference that can affect their ability to thrive in a public school. But, how do you know when your child’s behavior is “normal” and when intervention might be necessary?

Early Warning Signs

According to teachers and staff at our dyslexia boarding school, learning differences can manifest as young as two or three years old. Children in the preschool years may have trouble learning the alphabet, numbers, or other sequential bits of information, such as the months or days of the week. They may become easily distracted to the point of having trouble connecting with their peers. Children in this age group may find it difficult to rhyme words, and they may begin speaking months or more after their same-age counterparts.

Elementary school

By the time children reach kindergarten, learning differences may manifest more clearly. Children at this age may need a bit of extra support in school if they rely on memorization instead of skill learning, can’t quite grasp the concept of time, are prone to accidents, or frequently transpose numbers and letters. Slow recall, impulsiveness, and recurrent word confusion may also indicate common learning differences, such as visual processing delays, dyslexia, or dyscalculia.

Early Detection Is Key

The most common learning difficulties affect reading and language skills. However, early intervention, ideally before a child begins school, will give them the tools they need to compensate throughout their academic years. In fact, students with learning differences who receive a diagnosis early often score average or above average on reading benchmark measurements. By contrast, students who do not receive a diagnosis can suffer from low self-esteem, behavioral problems, and, later, trouble holding a job.

Same Road, Different Route

Children with learning differences are every bit as capable and often of above-average intelligence. However, the way they learn makes it more difficult for them to thrive in a standard academic setting. These students do not process information the same as their classmates; they must instead learn ways around their differences. Ultimately, students facing learning challenges can overcome obstacles simply by receiving the support they need during their formative years.

Learning is not the same from one student to the next. Whether you’re looking for dyslexia boarding schools or ADHD schools near you or are simply seeking more information on learning differences, Currey Ingram Academy can help. Our admission counselors can help you decide if a private boarding school is right for your child and their unique learning differences.

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