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How Boarding Schools Promote Student Independence

Posted by Currey Ingram Academy on Sep 4, 2020 7:52:58 AM

bigstock-Happy-college-students-studyin-365289763As a parent, you have carefully considered your child’s academic future, probably for as long as you can remember. Imagining your child navigating the uncharted waters of adulthood can be a daunting prospect. Will he or she be equipped with the essential life skills necessary to face the real world after high school? Boarding schools can provide your child with the courage and the confidence they need to succeed within the classroom and in life beyond it.

First Taste of Autonomy

In a boarding school, there are no parental reminders about important dates, homework deadlines, or extracurricular schedules. Students will learn to prioritize and manage their time on their own, and they will realize that the choices they make have corresponding consequences.

Moreover, they will be living and socializing with peers from different backgrounds. As they interact with peers, they will have the opportunity to make behavioral adjustments, and learn the art of compromise. These important life skills will help them thrive beyond the classroom.

In it’s residential life program, Brentwood private school Currey Ingram Academy integrates extended academic support and executive function skills such as organization, time management, and self-advocacy into daily living expectations.

Build Confidence

In a boarding school, there’s time set aside for academics and after school activities. There’s even time off-campus to get to know the community and experience life beyond campus. The intentional structure of residential life helps students develop focus, and it provides a framework within which they live and go about their daily lives. Students don’t waste time or energy making decisions on a daily basis and become more efficient in everything they do; a process that helps boost their confidence.

Nurture Relationships

With the majority of teens having access to mobile devices, students are communicating with each other, but they aren’t building strong connections or relating to each other on an emphatic level. Living in a boarding school teaches important social skills such as being able to initiate a conversation without the use of technology.

Boarding schools such as Currey Ingram Academy, a private school in Brentwood, also feature robust and inclusive athletic programs, which instill the value of teamwork, discipline, and determination.

Step Outside The Comfort Zone

From learning a new language to understanding the basics of photography or performing in a concert, private schools provide many opportunities to try new things with a safety net of knowledgable staff and mentors who guide students throughout these experiences. When students step out of their comfort zone it helps them develop the resilience and courage they need to make carefully considered decisions.

Develop Social Consciousness

Boarding schools offer a variety of curricula for students who are culturally curious, are passionate about social issues, and are rearing to change the world. Students learn to take pride in their uniqueness and celebrate diversity when they are surrounded by fellow students from all different backgrounds and interests.

A private school in Brentwood, Currey Ingram Academy supports and empowers students with learning differences to achieve their fullest potential - academically and socially - within an environment that fosters holistic student development. Get in touch by calling (615) 507-3173.

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