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Audiobooks Benefit Reluctant Readers

Posted by Marcelle Anderson, Upper School Teacher on Jun 19, 2019 3:58:48 PM

If your child is struggling to find the motivation to begin his/her summer reading, try a different strategy by having the child listen to audiobooks. Audiobooks are often suggested for students with dyslexia; however, they can be beneficial to other learners, as well.

Listening to audiobooks can improve vocabulary, decoding and fluency skills. The student can also focus more on the meaning of the text, rather than struggling to decode the text. Libby is a useful app that is free to use and easy to rent audiobooks through your local library system. All library accounts can be created free of charge online or at the library in your county.

Listening to a book can be easier for students who find reading challenging. Help your student find their lost enthusiasm for the joy of reading.

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